Broseley Fires Verona 8 Wood Burning Stove from Fireworld

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Broseley Fires Verona 8 Wood Burning Stove

Broseley Fires Verona 8 Wood Burning Stove

Broseley Fires Verona 8 Wood Burning Stove
Product No: FW2567

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  • Broseley Fires Verona 8 Cast Iron Multi-Fuel Stove
  • A unique compact design means that the Broseley Fires Verona 8 Multifuel Stove will look at home in even the smallest living room
  • Designed and crafted using the latest Disamatic casting technology, the Verona range of stoves offer reliability and aesthetic appeal
  • Manufactured to the highest EU standards, the Verona is an extremely robust and dependable stove
  • Verona stoves are environmentally friendly too
  • Airwash
  • Riddling Grate
  • High Quality Cast Iron Manufacture
  • Top Outlet / Rear Outlet (Interchangeable)
  • 8kW maximum heat output
  • 78.8% efficient
  • Optional extra stove installation kit available
  • Optional heat powered stove fan to improve warm air circulation resulting in greater comfort and less fuel consumption, self powered so doesn't require batteries or mains power. Please click here for more details

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Extras | Broseley Fires Verona 8 Wood Burning Stove

Apex Heat Powered Stove Fan
Apex Heat Powered Stove Fan

Product Reference 2570011
add £119.00
Apex 5 Inch Stove Installation Kit

Apex 5 Inch Stove Installation Kit</p>

Product Reference 0910005
add £169.00
Apex Heat Powered Deluxe Stove Fan
Apex Heat Powered Deluxe Stove Fan

Product Reference 2570017
add £179.00

Specifications | Broseley Fires Verona 8 Wood Burning Stove

External Dimensions




Width Height Depth Weight Kg/h
Broseley Carillon 4:3 Multifuel Stove
Carillon 4:3
948 1010 585 138Kg 1.9
Broseley Carillon Multifuel Stove
590 1400 595 206Kg 2.2
Broseley Carillon Flat Multifuel Stove
Carillon Flat
920 1400 595 230Kg 2.1
Broseley Fireball Multifuel Stove
892 1096 677 290Kg 1.8
Broseley Cortina Multifuel Stove
660 820 550 297/173Kg* 1.9
Broseley Cortina Forno Multifuel Stove
Cortina Forno
660 1170 550 407/223Kg* 1.9
Broseley Perla Petra Multifuel Stove
Perla Petra
460 1270 480 246.5Kg 2.3
Broseley Perla Black Multifuel Stove
Perla Black
460 1270 480 168.5Kg 2.3
Broseley Perla Red Majolica Multifuel Stove
Perla Red
590 1270 490 205Kg 2.3
Broseley Rosella Multifuel Stove
580 920 580 170/156Kg* 2.3
Broseley Giorgia mutlifuel Stove
414 930 471 92Kg 1.8
Broseley Fiametta Multifuel Stove
483 941 472 102Kg 1.8
Broseley Super Junior Multifuel Stove
Super Junior
360 771 419 59Kg 1.6
Broseley Fulvia Multifuel Stove
488 862 474 115Kg 1.8
Broseley Verona 8 Stove
Verona 8
490 706 430 105Kg N/A
Broseley Verona 11 Stove
Verona 11
660 706 450 150Kg N/A
Broseley Verona 16 Stove
Verona 16
790 780 520 190Kg N/A
*Weight dependant on materials required - Soapstone/Tiles

NOTE:The delivery service offered on this product is based on a one man only delivery. Due to the nature and weight of this product, you will need to arrange additional assistance to offload the goods from the vehicle when it arrives at your premises. Please ensure to have a survey carried out by a qualified Hetas approved Solid Fuel engineer to check and certify the compatibility of your chimney with this stove before making any purchase to avoid disappointment. Note: This stove produces substantial heat output which may affect the interior and exterior appearance of the stove, over time through general wear and tear which is quite normal and to expected when burning Solid Fuel. These Appliances can burn brown coal (Lignite) and briquettes made from Lignite. Coal should never be burnt in these appliances for long periods and high calorific value coals such as anthracite should never be used. If you would like further information on Solid Fuel, call the Solid Fuel Association on 0845 601 4406 or Email or to have a look at their website Alternatively if you would like to find your nearest Hetas approved engineer, simply call HETAS on 0845 634 5626 or Email or to have a look at their Website where you will find a comprehensive list of engineers.

For more detailed information about this product visit

NOTE: Although Broseley has done the utmost to make its stoves as safe as possible, please bear in mind that all stoves get very hot and that great care must be exercised when adjusting, loading, or moving your Broseley Stove. Never leave vulnerable people alone in the room with a burning stove unless they are prevented from reaching it with a guard.