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Firebelly Stoves FB1G Gas

Firebelly Stoves FB1G Gas

Firebelly Stoves FB1G Gas
Product No: FW2863

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  • A Modern Gas Stove with a maximum heat output of 6kW and 78% efficient
  • *2 Year Manufacturers Warranty with Firebelly Stoves
  • Has a Depth of 422 mm and is remote controlled with manual override control
  • Subtle and stylish in its design and a 5" flue top outlet vent
  • UK designed and Hand built with Stylish design
  • Standard colours which have no upgrade charge are Charcoal, Pewter and Matt Black
  • Full range of different Bespoke painted colours available on this stove at additional cost (see finishes section below)
  • Comes with additional safety device, ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) that monitors the oxygen levels in a room and cuts the gas supply if levels become dangerous

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Finishes | Firebelly Stoves FB1G Gas

FB Charcoal
FB Charcoal<br>

FB Pewter
FB Pewter<br>

FB Black
FB Black<br>

FB Blue Metallic
FB Blue Metallic<br>

add £80.00
FB Brown Metallic
FB Brown Metallic<br>

add £80.00
FB Black Metallic
FB Black Metallic<br>

add £80.00
FB Rich Brown Metallic
FB Rich Brown Metallic

add £80.00
FB Shimmering Rose
FB Shimmering Rose<br>

add £80.00
FB Sky Blue
FB Sky Blue<br>

add £80.00
FB Sunset
FB Sunset<br>

add £80.00
FB Surf Sand
FB Surf Sand<br>

add £80.00
FB Forest Green
FB Forest Green<br>

add £80.00
FB Gold
FB Gold<br>

add £80.00
FB Green Illusion
FB Green Illusion<br>

add £80.00
FB Honey Glo Brown
FB Honey Glo Brown<br>

add £80.00
FB Mauve
FB Mauve<br>

add £80.00
FB Mojave Red
FB Mojave Red<br>

add £80.00
FB Moss Green Metallic
FB Moss Green Metallic

add £80.00

Extras | Firebelly Stoves FB1G Gas

Firebelly Matching 500mm Flue Pipe
Firebelly Matching 500mm Flue Pipe

add £89.00
Firebelly Matching 1m Flue Pipe
Firebelly Matching 1m Flue Pipe

add £109.00

Specifications | Firebelly Stoves FB1G Gas

External Dimensions

Maximum Heat Output of 6kW, Maximum Input of 6.25kW


Freestanding Cast Iron Natural Gas Remote Controlled Stove

5inch (125mm) Flue Diameter. Suitable to be used with Class 1 and Class 2 Chimneys and Prefabricated Flues

VentilationAdditional Ventilation is not noramlly required


*2 Year Warranty is subject to Manufacturers Terms and Conditions.

NOTE:The delivery service offered on this product is based on a one man only delivery. Due to the nature and weight of this product, you will need to arrange additional assistance to offload the goods from the vehicle when it arrives at your premises. Please ensure to have a survey carried out by a Gas Safe Register registered gas installer to check and certify the compatibility of your chimney or flue with this stove before making any purchase to avoid disappointment. This stove does not require any electrical supply, but does require a natural gas supply. Also be aware that due to the stove producing heat the interior / exterior of the stove may become marked over time through general wear and tear which is quite normal and to be expected. The inside of the glass may also require cleaning from time to time due to condensation that may form on the inside of the glass. Please note that whilst soot deposits on a gas stove are quite normal and to be expected they will be visible on a log fuel effect. For more detailed technical information about this product including down loadable user & installation instructions, Simply click on the following link