Garland Fires Mayfield Electric from Fireworld

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Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Garland Fires Mayfield Electric
Product No: FW5324

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  • Modern American black walnut effect surround with a choice of either a Cream or Black (shown opposite) back panel and hearth
  • Top shelf width of 49"
  • Complete with modern 2Kw Electric fire
  • LED flame effect that can be used independently from the heat source
  • Brushed steel finish as standard on the fire
  • Realistic Coal fuel bed effect
  • Easy reach top controls to adjust the flame effect and heater settings
  • Suitable to be used in homes with no Chimney or Flue

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Finishes | Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Garland Natural Oak
Garland Natural Oak


Trims | Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Cruze Brushed Steel Fire
Cruze Brushed Steel Fire


Hearth & Back | Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Garland Black Back Panel & Hearth
Garland Black Back Panel & Hearth

Garland Cream Back Panel & Hearth
Garland Cream Back Panel & Hearth<br />


Fuel Effect | Garland Fires Mayfield Electric



Energy Type | Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Electric Fire
Electric Fire


Specifications | Garland Fires Mayfield Electric

Fireplace Diagram


A = See TableB = See TableC = See Table
D = See TableE =See TableF = See Table
G = See TableH = See TableI = See Table
J =See Table  

Garland Agar 10921071N/AN/A1092160N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Altea 10851068N/AN/A1170121N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Avalon 11701048N/AN/A1170185N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Carolina 9141007N/AN/A914160N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Eduardo 917980N/AN/A920180N/AN/A270N/A
Garland Faro 10921071N/AN/A1092160N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Impala 36 9141007N/AN/A914160N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Impala 43 10921071N/AN/A1092160N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Impala 48 12401102N/AN/A1220160N/AN/A383N/A
Garland Mayfield 124810597798381220172N/AN/A381N/A
Garland Sedan 11701048N/AN/A1170185N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Seville 10921067N/AN/A1092160N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Venza 11701048N/AN/A1170185N/AN/A343N/A
Garland Winslow 124011008128731220190N/AN/A381N/A

NOTE: We always recommend that you should have a survey carried out by a Gas Safe registered gas installer, HETAS installer or qualified NICEIC electrician (whichever is applicable to the goods you intend to purchase) to check and certify the compatibility of your chimney, flue, property and or circumstances prior to purchase to avoid disappointment. Garland fireplaces do not generally come ready assembled so they will require some assembly on installation as they comprise of several parts being the surround, back panel, hearth and fire. We also recommend that you should wait until you have the goods purchased, onsite, in your possession to take accurate measurements from before proceeding to carry out any building work or create any apertures in the wall to avoid potential costly mistakes being made, as manufacturers reserve the right to alter products or specifications without any prior notice as required. All measurements are in millimetres.