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Failed Orders

Below are some of the most common reasons for payment failure

Card Types We Accept

We only accept Visa or Mastercard Debit or Credit cards. We do not accept American Express (Amex) nor do we accept payment via PayPal.

Cardholders Billing Address and or Postcode or both Not Matching What The Bank Have On Record For The Card

Your address & postcode MUST match exactly with the same address as seen on your bank statement any deviation and the order will fail for security reasons. ​ Now you can have the goods delivered to a different address to the cardholder’s address but the cardholders billing address & postcode (i.e. where the card is actually registered to) MUST be correct in everyway. You have 2 address boxes in the shopping cart one for the cardholder’s billing address (the one the bank would have on record) the other for the delivery address which can either be the same or different. If, you have recently moved house then the information held with your bank may not have been updated yet so try using your old address were your card was registered to and that maybe be successful. As you can enter your old address as the card holders billing address and then your current address where you would like the goods delivered too.

Is Your Card Fully Secure And Enabled For 3D Secure Transactions and Password Protected?

Most major bank cards offer a facility whereby you can protect yourself from fraud by having a password protected card which is the virtual equivalent of a chip & pin protected card when used in store. In store you enter your pin number for the card to prove you are the cardholder and to protect you from someone else using your card. Online both Visa & Mastercard offer a facility for you to enable on your card which means you can set up a password to use when processing transactions online. This prevents anyone using your card online to make a purchase as they won’t know your password. Visa call it Verified by Visa and Mastercard call it Mastercard Secure Code.

Simply call your issuing bank using the number on the card normally they are there until 10pm each weekday and ask then to enable the card for a 3D Secure transaction. They will then re-set the card, sending a signal to your card which takes around 10 – 15 minutes to take effect then when you go back to our website to place your order after you have entered all your card details a box will pop up on the screen asking you to create a password for the card once this is done your transaction will go through securely and you are then password protected for the future.

Finally, Please note we do not take orders over the telephone for security reasons all orders MUST be placed through our website.

If, you should have any further problems placing your order then please contact our sales team for further help & information either by phone or via email.

If, you are contacting us out of our normal business hours which are 9am -5pm Monday – Friday then please leave a voicemail and our out of hours team who work remotely up until 10pm daily will pick up your message and contact you to assist with your purchase. Alternatively, you can send an email to us if you prefer.

Here are links to both Visa & Mastercard explaining 3D Secure passwords in more detail;



Mastercard Secure Code